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Beginner - Can You Kick It?

Yes, you can! Everyone's body could use a break once in awhile, but yours more than most. This cleanse, the introductory level, is for those who like to binge on their health like it's just another one of their vices. For those who have never cleansed before or for those who did but then went back to old habits, well, this is the plan for you.

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Intermediate - Stuck in the Middle

Binges to the left of me, health nuts to the right, here I am: stuck in the middle with juice. Our second-tier (and most popular) cleanse is for those of you who have either cleansed before or are looking for a bit more of a challenge on your first cleanse. It's not that we don't believe in you, but this cleanse has more green juice included. If you're on the fence or you eat a lot of veggies, give it a shot...we promise you won't be disappointed.

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Advanced - Forever Young

It's a full time job, monitoring what goes into your body, but someone has to do it. Eight glasses of water per day? Puh-lease. Try nine. You run four miles a day_as a warm-up routine. The Forever Young cleanse is an exceptional cleanse for exceptional people (and almost certainly ones who have already cleansed before). Consisting almost entirely of green juices, this ain't your grandma's cleanse; it's a deep-sea diving expedition to the worst parts of your body. Show your body who's boss. Together, we can turn you into a juice-powered machine.

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Make Your Own Cleanse

Includes (6) 14.5 oz. Cold-Pressed Juices + 1 Detox Tea (per day), Cooler Bag(s), and Cleanse Guides

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Monday Reboot Program

Includes (6) 14.5 oz. juices delivered weekly for 12 weeks + (1) Project Juice cooler bag. Delivery fee will be charged weekly depending on location. Please choose start date during checkout. 

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