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Project Juice is a vision to create a community throughout the Bay Area of individuals, families, and businesses, united by a passion to live a healthy lifestyle through the consumption of organic, cold-pressed juice. We plan to turn this vision into a reality by making our juice easily accessible through local deliveries, retail locations, and other exciting avenues.

Founded by Rachel and Greg Malsin, and Devon Briger, Project Juice began as a desire to address the gap in the local market for high quality, organic, cold-pressed juices. Inspired by Rachel's adoption of a raw food diet as a way to cope with various food allergies, she quickly grew out of her home kitchen to a dedicated manufacturing facility and retail locations throughout the Bay Area. Taking pride in sourcing most of our ingredients from local farms and vendors, and keeping 100% organic, our handcrafted juices and nut mylks are consistently ranked among the most delicious and nutritious beverages available anywhere. With the recent incorporation of raw food snacks and exciting new developments in the works, Project Juice is creating a must-visit destination for the health-conscious foodie. 

Why the name, you ask? Well, we think of many things in life as “projects”. A project to start eating better, to start exercising more often, to start spending more time doing the things we love. Project Juice is a personal project to incorporate cold-pressed juice into our everyday routines.

Our Values:
Supporting Local Farmers
Using Organic Ingredients
Giving Back to the Community
 over Quantity
Unmatched Customer Service
Cold-Pressed Juice