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How It Works

On a juice cleanse you will replace your three regular meals with six cold-pressed juices and one detox tea. While cleansing, you cut out solid foods, snacks and stimulants like alcohol and caffeine. 

Step 1: Choose Cleanse and Place Order

  • Choose the Project: Juice cleanse that is right for you. You can do that here.
  • Check the schedule for the start date that works best for you and check availability.
  • Place your order. 

Step 2: Prepare

  • Read our Cleanse Preparation page.
  • A juice cleanse does require a fair amount of preparation and the more prepared you are, the easier it will be for you to reach the peaceful serenity that comes with juice cleansing.
  • Plan to prepare for your upcoming cleanse 1-3 days before your cleanse starts. 

Step 3: Cleanse

  • Read our During the Cleanse page.
  • On the morning of your scheduled cleanse, our juices magically appear at your door along with a cleanse "cheat sheet" to help guide you through your cleanse. 
  • Drink the first bottle for breakfast and the ensuing bottles 2-3 hours apart. Repeat.

    Step 4: The "Aftermath"

    • Read our The "Aftermath" page.
    • Plan to transition out of the juice cleanse for 1-3 days after the cleanse ends.