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Where does your produce come from?
We source most of our produce from local farmers who practice sustainable farming methods. Sourcing locally not only ensures the freshest, most flavorful product, but also supports the environment (fewer miles traveled) and our neighboring communities. 

Why do you use plastic bottles?
We use BPA-free, PETE #1 plastic bottles for our juice. Our bottles are easily recyclable (just check out our PETE cooler bags!), lightweight, easy to carry, don't leach, and actually use fewer resources to create, ship and distribute than glass bottles which can weigh up to 9x more than plastic bottles.

How many calories are in a juice?
For a 14.5 oz. serving, our juices range from approximately 60 calories for an all-green juice to 200 calories for a nut mylk smoothie. We are currently looking into laboratory testing to get you more precise data.

What if I’m lactose/gluten intolerant?
You're covered! Our juices only consist of nuts, fruits, herbs, vegetables, and occasionally salt. Nothing else, ever!

What if I have a nut allergy?
We list the ingredients for each juice, so don’t order Almond Mylk for instance. However, please be aware that even our juices without nuts are prepared on machinery or in the same rooms as juices with nuts, so if you are severely allergic you should still take precautions.

Why does the juice sometimes look or taste slightly different?
Our juices are handcrafted in individual batches, so variations may occur at times. For example, apples have varying amounts of polyphenols, antioxidants, and enzymes which, in turn, can cause differences in the coloration of the juice. Because we use the freshest ingredients available to us at all times of the year, the juice can vary in color each time you purchase it.  


Will I lose weight from cleansing?
You may, but it’s mostly a side effect and not the overall goal of a cleanse. A juice cleanse is designed to detoxify your body and boost your overall health.

Can I do a cleanse if I am diabetic?
It’s important to consult a doctor before attempting one of our cleanses if you have any concerns.

Can I exercise while cleansing?
Absolutely! While cleansing, our bodies are diverting energy normally used to breakdown solid foods towards other uses. As a result, many of our clients report increased energy levels. That being said, everyone is different, so most important of all, listen to your body. 

How will I feel while detoxifying?
Detoxing is a process in which toxins that have built up inside our bodies over time are broken down. Sometimes, as toxins are released, you may feel nauseous or get a headache. It's important that these toxins are removed. Make sure to go for a walk, get a massage, or even try a colonic to help speed things along and alleviate most side effects. If you have any concerns at all, contact us at

Do I need to do a 3-day cleanse to feel better?
Definitely not. Giving your body a break, whether it's for 1-day or 10-days is a great way to "recharge the batteries," so to speak. On a 1-day cleanse, your body will still have ample time to take a break from digesting solid foods, diverting enzymes directly to your bloodstream and intestines. 


Do you have a pick-up location?
Yes, with plenty more to come! Follow our checkout process to schedule your pickup for no additional charge.  

How much is delivery?
$5 in San Francisco, $15 in the South Bay, $15 in the North Bay, and $20 to Oakland.

Do you ship nationally?
Yes! Choose the "national delivery" option at checkout. We ship priority overnight with plenty of ice packs to keep your juices fresh!

What if I have other questions?
Contact us at! We love to get your emails.