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Corporate Juicing Programs

You know those buttered croissants you put in the kitchen for your employees every day? Well those are the very “perks” that are putting your employees to sleep at their desks and ruining their productivity. Try offering juice instead as a healthier alternative. We have a number of packages tailored to your work environment.

Ways to Get Involved:

  1. Provide juice to your employees as a workplace perk. Trust us, they’ll thank you and you’ll thank them!
  2. Don’t have it in the budget? Send out emails to employees telling them about our corporate discounts when co-workers juice together! Perhaps you can still subsidize some of the juice costs, even if you aren’t paying the full sticker price.
  3. Have us come in and give free nutritional seminars on how to eat right, why juicing is a good habit, and how cleansing can reset your health!

 Ask us about how to sign up for recurring orders to your home or business. 

Custom sizes are available.

Contact us at or for details.