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Corporate Cleansing Programs

You know how it always seems easier to convince yourself to exercise when you have friends to do it with? Well it's the same for juicing. What better way to be held accountable when it comes to cleansing or juicing then having friends to do it with?

We encourage group juicing so much that we even offer discounts to friends who juice together. Not only do you get to support each other, but you save money by doing so! When you buy three cleanses for delivery to the same address on the same day, you’ll get 5% off your order. Five cleanses, 10%. Neat, right?

Support (or shame) your friends to the finish line, and then you can all celebrate your new, healthy lifestyle together with a nice arugula salad at the end. Or just a round of beers. Either way.


Please note that all group cleanses must be delivered to the same location, at the same time to receive this discount.

% off normal prices             3 or more  5 or more  10 or more
Group Cleanse                    5% 10%    15%   

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