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What makes us different? Click the "+" to find out more. 

1. Cold-Pressed

Not to be confused with “fresh-pressed” or traditional centrifugal pressing techniques, the cold-pressed method uses hydraulic force to extract juice from produce in the gentlest way possible. Cold-pressed juice preserves more of the nutritional content from the produce, so you get a full complement of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. 

2. Organic

When you drink cold-pressed juice (or any juice for that matter), you're drinking a concentrated liquid extracted directly from fruits and vegetables. If you use non-organic ingredients, you are essentially concentrating the pesticides and herbicides that the growers use on their produce into liquid form. That didn't sound too tasty to us, so we committed to always using organic ingredients...and when we can't source an organic ingredient for some reason, we let you know right on our labels!

3. Local

Want to drive to the farm where our ingredients are grown? If you live in the Bay Area, you probably can do it in a day...easily. We source most of our ingredients from farms within 150 miles of San Francisco, ensuring that all of our produce is fresh and has a small carbon footprint. Nobody wants carbon footprints in their juice. For those ingredients that we can't source locally, we still verify that the product is organic.

4. Triple-Filtration Water System

As much as we love tap water, your average water system can contain all sorts of contaminants, from chlorine to copper to fluoride. That's why we employ a triple-filtered water system when rinsing your produce. This ensures that contaminants are removed, leaving behind mineral-dense water that our veggies love to swim in. Trust us, you can taste the difference.