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Five Healthy Winter Foods

The pretty summer fruits are gone and the weather has gotten frosty.  I know it makes you feel like eating comfort food by the fire.  Just because the chunky sweaters will cover that muffin top, there is no reason to fall off the healthy eating wagon.  There are plenty of tasty choices available in the winter.


Inside that leathery skin, you will find a treasure trove of sweet, juicy seeds. These little gems are nature’s Holiday gift to the health conscious gal.  The ruby red seeds can glam up a salad, turn a glass of champagne into a holiday cocktail, all while helping to reduce cholesterol, and pumping us full of anti-oxidants.  Tasty and beautifying at the same time.


Kale has been gaining in popularity, and is a savior for those of you who love to plan ahead. It is much sturdier than spinach or lettuce and can be dressed hours before a party without wilting.  The dark green leaves will hold up in your favorite white bean or veggie soup, and retain a bit of crunch.  The mineral and vitamin content are much higher than its summer counterparts too, with loads of Iron and Vitamin C.  Kale is also filled with Fiber and Sulphur, which will help you detox between all of those holiday parties.


These gorgeous red veggies are packed full of health benefits, from boosting endurance to fighting free radical with antioxidants.  When roasted, the natural sugars are concentrated, leaving a sweet addition to that yummy kale salad, not to mention a festive color combo. 



Grapefruit and other citrus fruits are at their juiciest in the wintertime.  They are loaded with Vitamin C, which can help fight off the those pesky winter colds.  Enjoy a glass of fresh squeezed juice, peel and eat as a snack while shopping for all those presents, or add some segments to a salad.



I know your New Year’s resolutions including eating less carbs and dropping a few pounds, but don’t put those taters in the bread basket just yet.  Potatoes are a great gluten free whole food that will keep you feeling full for hours. Their high concentration of vitamins C and B6 will give your immune system a fighting chance when the flu makes its rounds in your workplace.

Posted By: Lori Kenyon Farley @ Ritual Wellness

Monday, January 20, 2014