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Group and Corporate


Like most things in life, juicing is better with friends. Studies prove that your success rate will be much higher if you enlist a partner on your journey to wellness. So gather your friends, family members or colleagues and get ready to Reset for healthier habits!

We believe in the power of groups so much that we want to support you in your decision to Reset by offering a discount to you and your friends who juice together. Not only do you get to encourage each other, but you save money by doing so! When you buy three cleanses for delivery to the same address on the same day, you’ll get 5% off your order. Five cleanses, and you save 10%.

Support (or shame) your friends to the finish line, and then you can all celebrate your new, healthy lifestyle together with a nice arugula salad at the end. Or just a round of beers. Either way.


Don’t have time to step away for a juice break? Not to worry -- we’re here to help!

Did you know that we deliver our certified organic cold-pressed juices, plant-based foods and superfood smoothies directly to your office?

No matter what size your business is, we can customize a program directly to your needs.