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Energy Kit

What is it?

The Energy Kit helps you to maintain great energy and mental clarity during your juice cleanse. Energy Kit consists of Get Up & Go Go (a cold brew coffee blend) and Energy Elixir (a 2 oz shot of pineapple, matcha, ginger and vitamin-b12). If you are not interested in eliminating caffeine from your diet or if you have work demands or deadlines which fall within your juice cleanse, Energy Kit may be an appropriate upgrade for you.

How does it work?

Take Energy Elixir in the morning to increase your absorption of the vitamins in your juice cleanse. A dose of 1000mcg vitamin-b12 and naturally-derived caffeine from matcha work together to promote, stabilize and enhance energy production and levels to help you function at your best. Then, replace your standard caffeine fix with Get Up & Go, our organic and raw, cold brewed, low acid coffee blend to get your normal caffeine fix with less acidity than comes from your stands cup o' joe.

What's It Made From?

  • Get Up & Go Go combines our house made cold brewed, organic, low acid coffee with our signature Almond Mylk for a raw latte like you have never before experienced! Almond Mylk provides essential healthy fats to slow down the absorption of the coldbrew's caffeine, resulting in more steady energy without the common midday slump often associated with coffee. Our cold brew is also more than 50% less acidic than standard coffee, so it doesn't completely derail the alkalizing effects of your cleanse. Organic growing and roasting practices yield a delicious coffee with more of the beneficial antioxidant compounds that coffee can deliver.
  • Energy Elixir - Equivalent to half a cup of coffee and toting 1000 mcg of vitamin-b12, enjoy increased clarity and alertness with this energizing blend featuring both matcha and vitamin-b12!


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