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Active Cleanse

What is it?

The Active Cleanse is functionally designed to invigorate your system and facilitate a gentle detox, while providing great energy to tackle a vigorous workout and fuel for a proper workout recovery. With the inclusion of (1) post-workout duo and (1) superfood breakfast, this all new cleanse offers a satiating twist on the common juice cleanse. In addition to the powerful cold-pressed, organic nutrition that is standard to our Reset Cleanse line, the Active Cleanse includes protein smoothie, superfood breakfast, medicinal soup, salad or superfood entree, plus an extra superfood snack to keep cravings at bay. Each day of the cleanse includes: (1) warming soup, (1) alkalizing lemonade, (1) cold-pressed green juice, (1) protein smoothie, (1) superfood breakfast, (1) salad or superfood entrée, (2) concentrated wellness shots, (1) superfood snack, and (1) cleansing tea.

How does it work?

Up-level your wellness AND your fitness with a morning pre-workout power shot and a post-workout duo for ample energy and recovery. Stay nourished and satisfied throughout the day by enjoying cold-pressed juice, superfood smoothie, medicinal soup, or salad or superfood entree every two hours in sequential number order. Complete your evening with a cleansing tea that amplifies your body's detox efforts throughout the night. We also include our signature superfood snack with each day of the Active Cleanse to enjoy anytime hunger hits.

** 4-Day Cleanses require 2 pickups / deliveries. SoCal local delivery customers should begin the cleanse on your selected delivery date.

Please note that all NorCal local delivery and NorCal in-store pickup orders will receive a smoothie breakfast. **

Locals save up to 20%; discount is given at checkout based upon delivery method selected.