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Alkalinity Kit

What is it?

Drop acidity levels and add a healthy dose of vitamin C to your day with antioxidant-rich lemonades. The Alkalinity Kit kills cravings, eliminate bloats, conquers notorious mid afternoon slumps and boosts alkalinity, which is essential to achieving optimum wellness and maintaining youthfulness.

How does it work?

For maximum pH balancing and wellness promoting benefits, consume one or two lemonades per day as part of a healthy diet. Juices may be consumed interchangeably.

Suggested guidelines
The Master - Thermogenic cayenne is known to boost metabolism and burn fat! Try it first thing in the morning for a caffeine free energy boost.

Black Magic - Intensely detoxifying, activated coconut charcoal absorbs energy depleting heavy metals, chemicals and intestinal gasses. Enjoy mid-morning or as your final post dinner ritual. Activated charcoal may interfere with absorption of prescription medications. Consume at least two hours after taking any medications and consult your physician.

Turmeric Lemonade - Included in their long lists of touted benefits, roots like ginger and turmeric, are known to aid digestion and suppress appetite. Consume as a mid-afternoon snack to curb even the most serious cravings.

Alkalinity Kit

9 juices Per Pack.
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