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Summer Reset Juice Cleanse

What is it?

For those of you that appreciate variety in life, the Summer Reset Cleanse offers a fresh twist on our popular Classic Reset!

It is a nutrient-rich, organic juice cleanse designed to reset eating habits, eliminate cravings and kick start a healthy diet, free from processed foods. Our Summer Reset Cleanse features formulated blends that capture the best seasonal fruit in a fresh and new flavor, currently featuring Watermelon Berry! This cleanse is packed with phytonutrients, vital enzymes, and antioxidants which promote both a healthy mind and body.

Nearly 20 pounds of USDA certified organic produce is pressed into each day's allotment of six 14.5-ounce bottles of pure goodness... You will feel the difference in three days!

NOTE: The Seasonal juice cleanse is a seasonally available blend of juices and mylks and is SUBJECT TO CHANGE. The picture of the cleanse does not necessarily reflect the current Seasonal lineup of juice. If you have a fruit or vegetable allergen, please contact our offices at info@projectjuice.com to confirm the current seasonal flavor offering for your desired delivery date.

How does it work?

The Seasonal Reset Cleanse is designed to be consumed independently from food. The bottles are numbered in the order of consumption for added convenience.

Cleansing is achieved through eliminating your body's burden of breaking down the additives, chemicals, stimulants, hormones and pesticides consumed in the standard American diet. In addition to flushing toxins, the chlorophyll and enzyme-rich juices fuel your body with nature's best organic fruits and vegetables, acting as catalysts for better health.

Summer Reset Juice Cleanse

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