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Shred 2.0

What is it?

Shred 2.0 - a specially paired juice and power shot - is designed with fitness enthusiasts and athletes in mind. The Energy Elixir aims to fuel workouts for optimal performance with clean, naturally-derived energy and the Chocolate Protein boasting 17g of plant-powered protein is intended to maximize post workout recovery.

How does it work?

Drink the concentrated power shot, Vitality Shot, before your workout and the protein-packed Chocolate Protein as your recovery meal. This powerful pair provides the fitness enthusiast with the perfect complement to the Reset cleanse and is also effectively used between cleanses as a superior real food alternative to engineered performance nutrition.

What's it made from?

Vitality Shot is powered by lemon, ginger, turmeric, black pepper to increase and stabilize energy levels. Through the power of raw almonds, brown rice protein, sacha inchi and sea salt, our banana-based Chocolate Protein shake delivers the protein, glycogen and sodium needed to replenish muscles and recover from vigorous activity.


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